Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Radiator Progress Report

Well, in short we still have radiators sitting in our back yard in various stages of undress.

The pressure washing did a good job of removing the vast majority of the top layer of paint, and various sections of paint below. But, the different levels of the paint required us to do more work in order to get an even finish when we paint.

So, onto plan B. The ever trusty citrus stripper. I can't tell you how many gallons of this stuff I've gone through with my various stripping projects. (the marble fireplace, the stairs, doors, molding-and surely I'm forgetting something). But, it's been a bit, so now time to work on the radiators.

The extent of my stripping experience quickly revealed itself when I started to work on the radiator. First a fleck of something came off and was on the radiator. Then, big chunks of my brush started flying off. Ever the determined stripper, I continued on despite the difficulty. I was able to get some of the remaining paint off, but we are now moving onto Plan C (aka excuse for Glenn to add to his tool repertoire).....

Sandblasting! That's what's on our agenda for this weekend.

Oh, Glenn also bought a hoist and a paint sprayer for this little project. The hoist will allow us to get the radiators back to the 2nd floor without calling in the troops.

As a funny aside (or so I think) the hoist instructions were in German. There sort of was an English translation, but not all the German was translated. I studied German in college and thought I'd just pick up and figure it out. Very odd. in any case, we'll only be dangling hundreds of pounds off the side of the house, so no need for us to have any worries or anything. Really, what's the worst that can happen?

Finally-we did locate the appropriate sized pipe at a plumbing supply store. Irritatingly, they gave me the wrong size pipe so I had to go back, but we have all the parts-ready for Glenn to install. Heat is in our future!



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