Thursday, August 31, 2006

We've finally crossed an important threshold-which might not seem like much to the non-home renovator or to really anyone besides Glenn and I. Tonight I primed our living room ceiling and the patched and repaired largely still in tact plaster living room wall. (ran out of primer-so we'll have to finish up the rest of the room tomorrow).

The reason why this is so monumentous is the living room ceiling is the third ceiling we've had in there since we bought the place. The first ceiling (plaster) had a serious dip in the middle and had to go. We then had our drywaller's drywall a new one-which looked great, but little did we know it was just temporary.

The ceiling looked great until one day...drip.,..drip...drip. The roof that the home inspector said would last another few years decided it was going to arbitrarily protect the insides from water, and thus, part of the ceiling was pulled out, patched up, retaped....touched up some more...

Psychologically the primed living room works in a couple ways-(1) our living room really starts to look like a room-and not a construction site! Yeah!! and (2) Once the wall is primed, it ends the cycle of compound, sand, get irritated because I missed a spot or had air bubbles, then compound, get the picture. Once primer is up-that's it, game almost over and color walls to follow VERY shortly! (3) And, probably most important-it's the very last room in the house that needed to be primed or have any extensive wall patching.

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