Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sandblasting Tips Part III

Definitely a learning curve on this. Our latest learning is that you need to check your sandblaster gun periodically for wear. We bought one on Saturday night, I used it for maybe 7-8 hours and apparently, broke it. If I had checked it at some point along the way, I could have exchanged a part, and the sandblaster would have had a bit longer lifespan. Oh well. Maybe this is just something that everyone does-but I had no idea and did not think that a mere 7-8 hours of use would mean the end.

This morning, we needed to run out to the store to get a new one. On the positive side, the sandblaster from Menard's had a 2 year warranty, so we were able to exchange it.

Tomorrow, we whould be done with sandblasting-which is quite exciting around here. (1) no more sand everywhere! (2) priming/painting the last radiator-meaning heat is in our really near future.



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