Saturday, August 26, 2006

Small steps forward...

Well, we haven't made that much progress since last I wrote, but we took some time off to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. (and hey, you can't do a big rehab without any breaks if you want to keep your sanity and not kill your spouse). Instead of holding a hammer, we've been enjoying our cake.

But, this weekend, it was back to the grindstone-me with sanding our living room walls (ALMOST there). I must say, if you ever have a significant amount of drywall and/or patching I highly recommend the new "clumping" low dust kind of compound. A world of difference. It used to be that when I sanded, I would be covered head to toe in white. (of course, the fact is that my putting compound on could be improved-all looks good after the sanding though). Anyway, this new low dust stuff really is amazing at keeping dust down. I really wish they came out with it in 2003. We actually needed only a little bit more but had to get the large container for the new fancy stuff. Hopefully, there will be paint on the living room walls in the next week or so...we already have the paint, I just have to *hopefully* do a final sand, wash the walls, prime...well, in any case, we are close.

Now, the molding was a little more exciting today. All the base molding in the dressing room is now up! We also discovered that all this worry about matching our bedroom molding is silly. We never noticed this before, but apparently every wall of molding in the bedroom does not match!

When we took down the plaster in the dressing room (way back in July 2003) we noticed that there used to be a large opening into the bedroom and gathered that when our place was a single family home (about 100 years ago), there must have been a stair landing and a big entrance into our bedroom (which obviously wasn't a bedroom in yesteryear). So, apparently when they closed off the dressing room to make it a bedroom (actually when we bought the place the dressing room was a bedroom and our bedroom was a living room), they couldn't find the cap that we can't find and decided to do something easier. The good news is that will make our job a lot easier for matching.

Another thing we noticed is one doorway in the room does not have a plinth block though every other doorway in the house does. Funny to think that the last person to do more major renovations wasn't so concerned about matching everything up, when we are. But, I guess they knew what they were doing as we are just noticing these things now. And who really looks closely at molding besides us...

Due to the impending changing seasons we might be switching to radiators next weekend. We'd like to get our radiators painted, need to repipe one that Glenn had to cut out, and of course, install them. Although we probably won't need to turn on the heat until October, we've found that things have a tendency to take longer than we'd like.

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