Sunday, September 03, 2006


After the mushroom debacle, we began the radiator work we needed to get done before cold weather comes (and before moving back upstairs). There's a few things we need to take care of including (1) repiping a radiator Glenn had to cut out (2) prepping the radiators taken out for the flooring project for painting (3) painting the radiators and (4) reinstalling the radiators.

For the first bit, Glenn had to unhook the pipes that had been cut so they could be replaced. He's had to do this a few times, and has learned some tips along the way. But, it still involved a fair amount of brute force to get pipes that haven't been touched for 70 years to move. He was able to successfully take off what he needed to (plus some other parts that came off also). Now, he'll have to get the replacement parts and hook them up before he could rehook up the radiator. Thankfully, the pipes he removed only connect about 5 inches beneath the floor so it won't be as bad to reconnect them, though still challenging.

After trying to scrape off the flaking paint from the radiators, we ended up bringing the radiators to our backyard for pressure washing. Of course, "bringing the radiators to our backyard" is a lot more arduous than that phrase implies. Each radiator is a couple hundred pounds of cast iron which needed to be lugged down a curving porch staircase before resting in our back yard. Glenn was on his own on this one, and thankfully no damage to Glenn or the porch resulted. (the radiators were the dangerous ones). At one point, it appeared that one radiator was en route to take out the neighbors fence-but fortunately that was just an illusion. I'm not looking forward to getting the radiators back up-as that will be even more difficult.

The pressure washing did a really good job and revealed a number of different previous paint colors-including bronze. We had contemplated putting stripper on the radiators, but the water is working so far that I don't think we'll have to mess with the chemicals.

Tomorrow, I'll probably work more on the radiators and other painting and Glenn will be back to doing some molding. If all goes well, we hope to be back upstairs next weekend--have to keep our fingers crossed on that one though.

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Blogger Jocelyn said...

We were planning to get a sand blaster to get all the paint off a few from our 2nd floor. Did the pressure washer take all the paint off? We are considering leaving them natural, which we have been told by our plumber is a bronze patina type look.

I will definitely post on that when we get there.

September 07, 2006 9:55 PM  
Blogger Christina said...

The pressure did a great job of taking the vast majority of at least the top coat off-but it is rather tedious. We worked on them for about 1-1.5 hours. (I also worked a little on a second one so that's not just for one).

Some of the paint is fairly stubborn, so I'll be working on it more this weekend primarily with the pressure washer, but I now may resort to some spot stripper. (in some harder to get to areas)

I think sandblasting would go much quicker and effective-and if you could do it, that would be the first choice.

There is a pretty bronze coloring on the radiator in some areas-so that must be the base.

September 08, 2006 8:00 AM  

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