Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mushrooms, pill bugs, and bulbs, oh my!

Before we ever got to do any "project" work today, I got to deal with a couple of our garden pests. When we got home last night, there were a whole bunch of mushrooms in our full sun garden (I think they are ink mushrooms, or something). Ironic, as I love mushrooms, typically (ie. on pizza, in chicken marsala, etc.). In the garden, they are a real pest. This morning I got to dig them out. A little more challenging when their caps start to rise up, but I got the job done.

It used to be that the mushrooms would just latch on to my marigolds. (but this year, it's pill bugs that are eating the marigolds' roots). Now, to our chagrin, the mushrooms are migrating into the middle of the lawn. Glenn wants to just dig up the mushroom section of the yard and start anew, but we'd have to sacrifice the hyacinths, tulips and lawn (as well as the marigolds). I figure I'll just continue to deal with the inconvenience of the mushroom problem.

The pill bugs are a bit more insiduous and seem impossible to control. I read somewhere that they attack the roots of young plants which has put them more on my radar screen to get rid of. At this late date I've sort of given up.

Apparently, we have left out a big ole welcome mat for various garden pests (but I need to do some googling to figure this out for sure). When I dug out the mushrooms, I also got to say hello to a millipede I think (long sort of worm with many legs), a slug, and some other creature that looks kind of like a worm that's rolled up in a ball, and has legs, cream in color. I've sort of ignored live things in the garden as long as my flowers were growing, etc. But the mass infiltration I think might need to be dealt with.

On an odd other note, a few of my bulbs have decided to peak up. Yes, it is September. These are the same phantom bulbs that last year poked up in November, and I think December the year before. I have no idea why their calendar is so majorly off, but am hopeful that since the weather is still warm perhaps we will see whatever flower it bares.

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