Sunday, September 10, 2006

Home Depot lets us down one more time....

We've reached another little bump in the road with our radiator project -this one a lot more important than whether we could get all the paint off. Yesterday we went off to get the pipes we needed cut. Apparently, the pipes we want are too small and Home Depot won't cut them. Aargh!

So, this means I'll have to start calling plumbing supply places and every store under the sun to see whether they could help us out or keep the sizes we need in stock. Without these pipes we won't be able to turn any heat on the 2nd floor on-so speed on this is crucial. If all the radiators aren't painted, we could always cap the pipes and turn on heat to the others. (not optimal-but doable). pipes hanging out uncapped in the middle of our floor though--not a good thing.

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