Monday, April 30, 2007

House dangers

Yes, I did get injured over the weekend. (actually, thinking back, I got injured twice over the weekend) For any rehabber, you know there are a neverending supply of dangers when working around the house- nail guns gone mad, falls from ladders, stripper hitting skin, hammer thumb bashing, splinters, foreign item falling in eye, toxic fumes -the list is clearly neverending. To prevent this, of course, we use a number of cautions. Gloves, a clean work environment, safety glasses, and just a careful attention to safety could prevent these dangers.

So, you might wonder, what dangerous activity was I involved in? For safety sake, I sported a hat, sunglasses, gloves, and my workshoes. But, none of these protections could help me.

I slipped down our outside front stairs en route to fertilizing the rose bush. The result, of course, was a sprained ankle. No fears of any embarrasment, as only the neighbors saw me tumble down the stairs. (calling out several times "are you okay, are you okay"?)

Ever the determined fertilizer, I did eventually pick myself up, hobbled over to the rose bush, and fertilized. I also worked on our fence a bit. But, I did earn a golf ball sized bump and a big black and blue mark. (which I think is getting better.) Since I can hobble on it, I think it is pretty minor. Today I'm trying my darndest not to walk on it and rest. I've been looking a little goofy.

Oh, and the second "injury" was a thumb incident while trying to break up forsythia branches.



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