Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Adventures in travel-part II

This past weekend we went away again for our second 2007 wedding in Nashville, TN. In light of last week's trip, although excited to celebrate with our friends as well as see some of Glenn's closest friends in Clarksville, Tennesee, needless to say we questioned how our second trip in the month would go.

All and all, it was a fun trip. Some humorous highlights (1) locating a hotel in Clarksville was harder than we anticipated as there was a big dance competition, many of the hotels only had suites. (2) we enjoyed several restaurants not available in Chicago, including Waffle House and Sonic. (3) I went to Cracker Barrel for the first time.

The first time we went to the Waffle House, Glenn ran into someone he knew that he served in the military with but hadn't seen or spoken to in about 10 years. The second time we went to the Waffle House (in Kentucky) they were out of Buttermilk waffles. (something I found quite humorous. A waffle house lacking in waffles? This visit was also ripe for a Saturday Night Live skit. Workers whistled "The Bridge over the River Kwai," Menonites were chatting on the cell phone.

We also learned that apparently, if you want a desk in a hotel room you must ask about it ahead of time. When we got to our hotel in Nashville, we had a big empty space but clearly a desk was missing. Glenn called downstairs, and he was asked if we "asked for a desk when we made the reservation?" (we did not realize we needed to do this). A hunt around the property insued, ending with a larger woman arriving outside our door, panting, with a desk that she "found in the refinishing area of the basement" She definitely gets kudos for lugging it up a couple flights of stairs assumably by herself.

Finally, en route home we called ahead for a hotel using our Garmin GPS. We thought we made reservation for Hampton Inn. We get off the highway, and no Hampton Inn could be found though Daniel (the name we gave our GPS based on the name of the guy giving us directions) said we had 'arrived'. So, call number 2, and new directions, which were the same that Daniel had. Finally, I call the number a third time, and we realize that the hotel we had reserved at was actually the "Pear Tree Inn"

No more trips planned for the near term, so we will get back to just doing house related projects. I've come up with a spring/summer to do list, that will be in another post.

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