Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monk Parakeets

I've written about how I spotted some lime green birds in our back yard one day. I now think I found the nest! (just a reminder, I'm NOT a bird person and I've actively tried to get rid of a nest on our back porch). Anyway, the other day I was walking to the el. I heard the familiar (to me) gawk of the monk parakeet and looked up. What did I see? A nest! Pretty exciting. I did not see a monk parakeet flying to or from the nest, just heard the unusual gawk.

No worries, I don't plan on doing anything with this nest. I would post a photo, but Glenn worried that perhaps anti-monk parakeet people out there might threaten the nest. Yesterday, both of us walked over to the nest and watched. It's nice to know where they came from.



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