Saturday, March 10, 2007

Enough with being nice.

Today, we were attacked on two fronts, and I think the battle has just begun.

First, as mentioned before, we have a bit of an issue with birds congregating on our back porch. This was made worse when Glenn installed the jungle gym (a.k.a. radiator lift). Last year I think we were a tad bit nice, leading to a nest, babies, and a bunch of bird friends moving in. Then, we upped our protection, by buying some Shot-Gun Repels-All animal repellant (a mix of dried blood, purescent whole egg solids, garlic oil and a bunch of other stuff)

Yesterday morning, Glenn headed out there to spray some more after a dove just stared back at him through the window. (the audacity!) This of course, was after a a week or two of my banging on the window. The stuff did work for a couple months, though, which has been a great respite. And, the birds have been staying away since he sprayed yesterday morning.

Now, birds are not our only problem. They recruited an ally.

See how nestled in it looks? We can't have bunnies! I really like our yard, and I already have to combat grubs, slugs, mushrooms, and a variety of other pests. I don't need anything else to attack!

I went out there, sprayed our magic potion, and it left. But, a couple hours later it was back. Sigh. I think this will be quite a spring.

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Anonymous Todd said...

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March 10, 2007 5:40 PM  

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