Monday, April 23, 2007

The Call of Spring

Does spring offer any stress for any other house renovators? Once warm weather comes calling, I immediately have a huge list of to-dos that I want to do right away. Sort of like waking a sleeping bear... (we spend the winter on sort of house rehab hiatus)

April, May and some of June are THE best times for many types of work, before it gets too hot. For us, we have (1) spring planting/clean-up/maintenance begging for our attention (and the area we are most excited for)(2) painting outside including our front fence, garage, back porch (3) concrete repairs of the front fence and front step (4) sandblasting radiators, priming and painting (5) using the heat gun inside with open windows including a buffet in our unit and some paint on the stairs (6) staining our stairs (7) random painting inside. Of course, not all of this will get down in the next few weeks but I want to do it all right now.

It's just nice doing fume work when you can get some air circulation!

Of course, there's also all the other competing activities of just enjoying the great weather outside.



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