Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lochinvar Boilers

Our "new" boiler has caused us a lot more problems than our elderly old boiler.

The facts about our boiler:
Installed December 2005. At the same time, we installed a second boiler for the rental unit.

Fall of 2006 wouldn't work- service call indicated that it needed to be cleaned. The techician spent a couple hours going over the boiler to see what might be causing it to get so dirty in a relatively short time of use.

April 2007, must be cleaned again.-originally the installer wanted to charge $300 to do the cleaning and do a thorough analysis on why our boiler kept on overheating.

Technician called Lochinvar who says that their boilers must be cleaned twice a year if in a laundry room. (I specifically asked this in Fall 2006 of our technician) We had to get our boiler cleaned twice in a single season.

We used to have a Weil-McLain. From 2003-2005 never cleaned, no problems. As a preventive measure we got it replaced. In less than the time that we had experience with the Weil-McLain, we have had 2 additional service calls. I'm really regretting that we changed the boiler at all.

After the boiler was installed (1) service calls went up and (2) our heating costs stayed the same.



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