Saturday, October 31, 2009

Um.....In case you were wondering...

We still are alive, well, and surrounded by uncompleted projects. That little apprentice I wrote about oh so long ago made an appearance. Funny, as I glanced at some of my last posts and I saw I was hunting for gates. Ironically, that was sort of a recent occurrence around here too as that was Glenn's very last house related project-installing gates! Go figure...

Things are more than a bit different around here. Outside of our son's arrival the related big news is that we are a single family two flat. Huh? You might say. Basically, our perfect tenants moved out at the end of December just as our apprentice moved in. Amazing, once a little baby appears how a single unit seems all the more 'cramped'

So, after some deliberation, we decided to live in the whole house at least for now. We haven't decided if we are going to go through a conversion, just finish off the 2 flat and rent both units, or finish off the 2 flat and sell.

As for house projects before this revelation-we added molding to our son's room. (I sanded and painted when I was 41 weeks pregnant with some delightful photos that I'm not sharing with everyone). Childproofing has been a big focus as our son is quite the active guy. Glenn recently exchanged a window for a door in the playroom attached to our son's room.

It's nearly impossible to get anything done around here with a little one at our feet. We are looking forward to putting him to work as soon as he can.

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