Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're Adding an Apprentice

We've been awfully quiet around here-and I apologize. A lot of the quietness surrounds the most prominent project we've been working on- our apprentice. (We've also had a wonderful vacation and some illness).

Anyway, we've decided to follow in House in Progress's footsteps (or should I say blueprints?) and will be adding a new resident to This Old Chicago 2 Flat. As a result, a lot of our time has been filled with probably the most mind numbing of all our research- the analysis of all that baby gear and decisions. Should we spend $100 or $2000 on a stroller? (no worries there-but if you haven't been stroller shopping you should go-amazing how advanced they've gotten in the last 20 years!) How to navigate in a BPA world? How hungry can I really be in one day- and how long between eating does it take for me to get ravenous?

Despite all that, we have done some blog worthy work around here which I need to write about- Glenn a few weekends ago installed new back doors (screen doors to come), we got a new chimney liner, we did some summer planting (due to travels, illness, etc. spring planting didn't happen), and most recently we shut down the big condo development on our back porch.