Monday, June 11, 2007

Ongoing Rental Quest

Well, we still are in search of tenants. Not just any tenants. (that I think would be relatively easy.) Being picky takes a bit more time. We've had plenty of interest. Just on craigslist, we've shown the apartment to 5-6 different groups, and had phone calls with a few others. I have 2 calls I need to return. I'll put a sign up today. (I've been holding off because then the phone really does ring off the hook).

There's a lot of stuff on the market nearby us now which is part of the challenge. I've been religiously following the ads to see how we compare. Some we are priced higher than, some lower, which makes me feel that we are about right. Pricing is not arbitrary. One interested party in a phone conversation loved our apartment and wanted to see if we would lower the rent a little. I said that I thought we were priced fairly, and he agreed.

I think another part of the problem is our rather unique layout. There's one room that's clearly a bedroom, and we have 2 others that can be bedrooms. The room slated for the living room has 5 doorways in it, a radiator, and windows, which makes it challenging to set up.



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