Monday, May 21, 2007

Our Garden

This weekend was largely spent outside, and mostly on the garden. Spring/summer brings all that maintenance stuff-the lawn mowing, maple seed collecting (we have a maple tree that spews its seeds everywhere), and general clean-up. We also like to get our flowers out as soon as possible-flowers offer such a pick up when you come home, or need to escape construction dust. A sort of funny side effect of the garden is that it gives the illusion that our place is done. Our neighbor came up to me yesterday commenting about when they are done inside then they will work outside.

So, with all that in mind, we headed off to our favorite garden store, located actually outside of the city, Wannemaker's, and picked up some vincas, petunias, ipomoea, Silverdust, perilla magilla purple, dianthus, and some other purple flower I forget the name of. It was so hard to choose! I planted 7 pots, and put in the annuals in our front yard. (I had picked up marigolds last week, and finished planting them as well).

Here are some photos:

The tulips are still dying back, and the flowers will spread so the area will be fuller soon.

I still have a few flowers to get. We also have to figure out a landscaping plan for this area:

It was never planned, and just takes away from the rest of the yard. I think we are getting close to a plan there (Glenn wants a tree there, so I think we might do a sandcherry). We'd also like to put in a couple boxwoods. To the left, there's some sedum. (actually that and the forsythia are the only items in the yard that stayed after we bought it!) To the right, there's a rose bush.

To the right of the last photo, you can see that we've been making progress on getting rid of the rust on the fence spokes for painting. That project is still ongoing and will be in another post.
This year, I'm also putting together a spreadsheet of our annual plantings. Whenever I go to the garden store I scratch my head trying to figure out how much to get. Some flowers also have not done well, so it would be nice to remember that from year to year.

Now, our backyard, needs a lot more work. Glenn's been working on taking out old fence posts. We'll need a landscape designer though for back there as I'm having a really hard time envisioning the best way to use the space. I think that's going to be next year's project, but we'll see.

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