Monday, May 14, 2007

Operation Mothers Day and Birthdays

We were supposed to host mothers day, Glenn's birthday and his sister's birthday this weekend, but the condition of our place prevented that. Sometimes we fool ourselves that we can host events but sometimes the rigamarole that we need to go through doesn't make it happen. (which I'm sure any house rehabber can relate to) My sprained ankle just complicated matters. I knew I'd be up for the cooking, but the actual moving furniture and the like wasn't happening.

Instead, I brought all the food to my mother in laws. (I felt bad because it was mother's day, and I originally said I'd host). Cooking is similar to my house projects as i quickly fill up my task list. Yesterday, I threw together "easy" food including lemon saffron chicken skewers, mushroom bouches, and crudite for appetizers, grilled asparagus, parmesean basil corn, chicken in a bourbon marinade, and roasted rosemary red potatoes for dinner. All and all it turned out well. Glenn was a tremendous amount of help particularly since it was his birthday celebration and he should have relaxed more.

Oh, and the presents:

here's Glenn's from me:

Isn't it a great wrapping job? Excuse the wrapping paper. It's all I had that would fit. (except for teddy bears but I thought that was even less masculine). For the curious, the poking item sticking out is a corn grill basket. I could have gotten a bigger box, but that would have wasted paper. (he also got margarita glasses and mix).

Glenn's parents got him house related gifts from his wishlist included a spade set and a "Drill Doctor"

Oh, and we gave my mother in law this:

I tried to convice Glenn that we needed to do 6 more of those for our front steps.

After I finish posting this, I'm heading out to do some spring planting in our yard.

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