Friday, June 01, 2007

Mass Showing Success (sort-of)

Yesterday, we showed the apartment to 3 interested prospective tenants. Each one took an application and it seemed like everyone was quiet. One tenant actually was asking about us! (ie. how noisy are we?) I think overall that's a good sign. That individual also fully understand our issues with the last tenants for 2 a.m. movie watching.

But, now we have to see if someone submits an application. (which I hope was not too long and cumbersome). All the tenants are looking for different move-in dates-the sooner the better, 8/1, but 7/1 is fine, and 7/15. One has a couple places to look at this weekend, but will make a decision by Sunday. One, I'm positive will submit an application, another is done with the apartment hunt (ours was the last) but there's another front runner and the applicant needs to figure out which one to apply to. I'm really hoping that I get all the applications at once

Here's the breakdown:

Tenant option 1- A woman looking for her parents who are emigrating. There would need to be a guarantor, and we most likely wouldn't meet the actual tenants until they move in. But, the renters wouldn't be college kids so probably would be fairly quiet. (we'd need to delve into that more)

Tenant option 2- A mom with 2 kids who's a student. Overall, they seemed pretty quiet. She's moving because of the noisy building she's living in and having to walk up several flights of stairs. This one showed up late for the appointment.

Tenant option 3- An engaged couple where one works and the other will be a resident.

I also got an e-mail yesterday from someone else who is interested, so I'm probably going to schedule another viewing. It's another engaged couple, and they are both grad students.

I'm going to repost the ad "just in case."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've typed up a seperate form to be signed in addition to the lease that spells out no painting, quiet hours, and forbids outside contractors from working on the apartment without my permission and supervision ( such as a cable installer nailing cable to the trim thruout the apartment instead of the outside) it has worked for me, after having problems in the past. Tenants don't read the lease which already has many of the items on my list. Good luck !! Bill

June 01, 2007 9:58 AM  

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