Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bioluminescent lagoon, laptop lifespan, our new challenges

We've just returned from a trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate Glenn's parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Even if we were going to blog while we were away, the Internet was very hard to come by. Glenn actually really needed it for his real work, but nothing could be found. Then, we found in our guidebook a warning that looking for the Internet could be "quite frustrating."

Anyway, I digress. The trip did spur two things that could make blogging a bit more difficult. First, our digital camera met a pretty serious fate. One night (this past Saturday, to be exact), my father-in-law, a photographer, was getting ready to take his expensive camera on a kayak to this bioluminescent lagoon. Glenn and I (actually, I think Glenn may have been the one who was the most vociferous) begged him not to risk it but to use our cheap little camera instead. After some persuading, my father-in-law agreed. Well, fast forward to the end of the trip, and my father in law tells me that I'm being quite forgiving about the camera. Which, of course, I don't believe. But then, they tell me that in a freak kayaking accident his kayak was rammed, and out went our camera into the water.

We have to get on getting a new camera real soon. What kind of blog doesn't have pictures?

[as an aside, my father-in-law then lent us his pocket camera and his camera case met a similar disastorous fate. (camera is fine-I still need to return it though after I find a case to replace it with)]

In other blog related news, first thing this morning I turned on my laptop to find that the screen died. I'm now using another screen hooked up to my laptop but this will pose new challenges to the blog. No that we are in 2007 I'll try to get back to my 2006 pace.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful new year!

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