Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back from our R&R weekend...

Of course, rehab stuff creeps into R&R places that you would least expect it to. After all the radiator work last week, Thursday, I went to go get a mani/pedi. My hands were looking pretty horrible from all the sandblasting, sanding, and just general work over the last few weeks, so I had to explain this to the manicurist. At the conclusion of the manicure, when my hands are under the dryer, the manicurist (a man) starts grilling me about our work. Then, he tries to get me to diagnose his radiator problem. I kept on saying "you should call someone." Kind of hard to explain, particularly when English was not the native language of the manicurist.

So, once I was able to leave the manicurist, Glenn and I headed to Miami for a wedding. It was great to get away and not have some house item pulling at us. Of "houseblog" related interest, we toured a neat property built in the 1880's, the barnacle, in Coconut Grove. We were amazed by all the Craftsman details and really enjoyed it. If you are ever in the Miami area and looking for something to do, I'd highly recommend it. We had a private tour and it only cost $1/pp!

We just came home last night. The next few days will probably be most concerned with all that "return from a trip" stuff. There's also Halloween which is sort of a nightmare around here. Kids start coming around 4 and we get hundreds. Parents try to get candy, and then as the evening wears on, kids start coming by not in costume. Only half the kids say trick or treat. Last year, there'd be instances where the kid would stand on the walk and the parent would come up to get the candy.

I had to walk far on Halloween, and we didn't have sidewalks. Houses are so close together here-I don't understand why a child can't just come up and say "trick or treat" then thank you. I think Glenn might pull up at the corner and save me at some point.

The first year we were here, I was tiling a bathroom on Halloween and ran out of candy. It was really upsetting to have costumed kids on the front steps and nothing to give them.

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