Thursday, November 16, 2006

Our little side project

As I mentioned, we are in the middle of planning a renovation of my mom's house before she sells it. This past weekend was spent largely doing preparations for the renovation. (and not one iota of work was done on our house) In honor of Veterans Day, we had a 10% discount off at Lowe's and Home Depot, so we wanted to get what supplies we needed-and that was only this past weekend.)

Our plan right now is to remodel my Mom's kitchen (paint cabinets, change hardware, replace counter and sink). Time permitting, we will also be changing out some light fixtures, and perhaps some other tasks. (the list is long, but Glenn and I could only do so much in a short visit).This weekend, we also wanted to figure out all our options for tweaking the cabinets. (they were made on site from plywood).

The whole process has been extremely challenging even before we get started with the physical labor. Largely because of the lack of information. I've only spent a few days in my mom's house (not the house I grew up in) and I haven't been back that way for about a year. It's been hard to come up with a plan without photos (getting any sort of photo is quite a challenge, and the ones I've gotten are largely extreme closeups of items). Then, there have been delays in getting measurements etc. We have certain ideas of what needs to happen (ie. the money is in the kitchen and the bathrooms) While my mom, since she's been living there, has different pet peaves (popcorn ceilings). I think we have finally reached a consensus of what needs to be done.

Because of the distance between our house and my mom's, we need to have planning done before hand so we aren't wasting a day figuring out a plan. The closest home improvement store is 45 minutes away. (we anticipate many trips to the store so plan on staying close to the home improvement stores).

I imagine much of our free time in the near future will be related to this project as we finalize details, collect materials etc. (not too exciting blog material, but we will see)

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