Saturday, November 11, 2006

What next?

After our furious preparation before winter of projects outside and the big radiator stripping project our project list is open for negotiation. Of course, the impending holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas will also jockey for position. (and we might move into operation "clear space for tree"-but that will wait for a couple weeks) Funny how R&R is so necessary for sanity, but it's also really great at pushing you off the motivation train.

On our "short list"

1. Prepare rental for renting including some ceiling patchwork related to the flooring project, some painting, reworking the lease, and prepping the marketing plan, as well as some other things.
2. Install the door molding we just found. (this should go pretty quickly, I just need to prime/paint it).
3. Finish off an old doorway we converted to a passthrough from our dining room to kitchen. (this actually is a fairly big project as we need to install a built-in, do some electrical work, figure out the molding around the brick, and figure out counter material) It would be great if we finished this before the new year, but with the holidays and all that those entail, that might not be feasible.

As a "side" project, we are also simultaneously planning a quick renovation of my Mom's house before she sells it. I'll have to write a whole bunch of posts about all the trials of planning a renovation at someone's else's house-but that will come later.

We also are still sort of in "unpack" mode rediscovering our winter clothes and trying to figure out where to put them in the improved dressing room. (I'm still missing some clothes, so I'm hoping to find them soon!) It's sort of funny right now, because we also have 5 or so dining room chairs sitting in our bedroom, as we are trying to keep our dining and living rooms clear while we work.

But, today, our day will largely be spent doing non-house stuff. It's both Member's appreciation day at the Art Institute and Veteran's Day.



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