Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Momentary Heat

*sigh* How many times have you completely filled 9 radiators and drained them in a 28 hour period of time? I don't think our living room radiator appreciated being referred to as Devil's Spawn.

Just a little update on the neverending radiator saga and the brick wall we hit on Monday night. Glenn got home early from work yesterday, and we got back to working on our beautiful, freshly painted, ornate radiators. To counteract the angled valve, we took off the dial, added another pipe, and I applied pressure with my legs to maneuver the valve perpendicularly, while Glenn worked on maneuvering the radiator into place, and connecting it. We got it all hooked up, and started refilling the radiators. All was looking REALLY good. Then, after they were filled up we went around to look for any signs of water. We found a miniscule drip (ie. a drip of water every 40 seconds or so) and had to drain the whole system to work on the radiators again. By this point, Glenn was clear out of Teflon tape, so a trip to Menards was in order.

Got home around 9 p.m. and went through the process yet one more time. We got better this time around, as Glenn created a bunch of "water buckets"
that could collect water once all the radiators were filled. (with 2 of us, it is still hard to monitor 9 radiators as they fill up, and we didn't have enough buckets on hand). The shooting water incident from Monday also was a result of my excitingly fully bleeding all the radiators instead of just doing it a little. Tonight, Glenn monitored my bleeding which definitely helped. After filling up, we diligently examined every valve and pipe to insure nothing was leaking and turned on the heat! (yeah!) After an hour, Glenn rechecked the radiators, and now, the dressing room radiator decided to enter the fray. Now it was leaking!! (one drip every 15 seconds or so).

So, at 11:45 we drained the system for the 3rd time in 28 hours.

Tonight, plan C-new valves for everyone!

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