Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Touchups gone wrong

In preparation for the radiator installation this weekend (yeah!) I decided to touch up some areas of the wall that got nicked and patched up in connection with the big flooring project. Turns out that the color they gave me at Home Depot, did not match the color on the wall. So, now, we get to decide whether we should just paint the whole room over again the "wrong color" or go see if we can get the "right color" made up and retouch up my touch ups. The irony in this is I remember when we chose this color we really agonized over the right shade, choosing to match the color in a rug and some art we were planning on hanging in there. (both of which are now well hidden). To make matters worse, we had painted our living room this same color, so now we have the prospect of painting both rooms again. (I think this is because I was saying earlier today that I was running out of areas to paint!). Oh well.



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