Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gate Design and Plant Security

We may be one step closer to having a front gate. In connection with actually trying to get people here for an estimate, to get an estimate and maybe one day someone to actually work, I've been trying to figure out the actual design.

Maybe I'm the only one who sort of stresses about this. It's just so permanent. You put a plant in, and don't like it, you can move it. (or inadvertently kill it) Don't like the fence color? Paint over it!

A gate? I guess in theory I can just drop a whole lot of money on new ones, but that's not too realistic.

So, as a reminder, here's our house:

We originally wanted to put the gate at the front of the fence, but that would only leave a 28 inch opening which wouldn't be practical for moving things in and out. Now, we are going to put the gate at a little in more at the end of the fence. (so in effect there'd be an entranceway). We will also add some spindles on the sides to prevent large animals from coming in and using the restroom. (and also bump up the security component. I'll also need to plant more prickly plants on the sides to hopefully increase the security more.

Of course, this isn't fort knox, which in keeping with the design of the fence, and house, would not be feasible. (8 foot fences with barbed wire would not look too nice!)

Having the gate look like part of the house was extremely important. To do this, we decided to pull out the scroll work in the lintals and the basic shape of the lintals. I'm hoping it comes out as planned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your current fence is very heavy compared to the house. I would paint it "Patrician White" or a cream tone to match the stone work above your windows, to soften down its harshness. Then plant red toned ( to relate to your brick ) foliage plants across the front to soften it further and relate it to the architecture of the house. Maybe a mix of red tight leaf Barbery thorned shrubs and more open airy leaved specimens ( also in the red tones keep it simple )to lighten it up visually.

I'd relate the new gate as much as possible to the existing victorian newel posts at your steps, the cut work in the stone lintels is beautiful but is apples to oranges, your eye will go from the black iron gate to the porch newel posts.

Good Luck !! Bill

August 15, 2007 9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

umrdpAlso .... If you plant barbarey or any shrub against the areas missing spindles you can eliminate their replacement from your budget they won't be necessary. I have a holly bush filling in an opening in my fence.

I'm picturing a red toned oak leafy plant I've seen, growing thru the fence relating to the detail work in your stone.

I like the way matching the concrete color of the fence to the limestone lintels and the red foliage to the brick feels like the house wrapping its arms around the yard. Let the new fence and existing victorian newel posts be special by themselves.


August 15, 2007 10:37 AM  

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