Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tenant Prep

Sunday, our lease began with our tenants.

In preparation, Friday night (after a grueling week), Saturday, and part of Sunday we furiously made preparations for the move in. We did some spot painting, which led to complete painting when the whites did not match up. (a bit aggravating). We did some cream touch up paint in the rooms that we had painted cream. (I ran out of paint initially with maybe 10-20 sf to paint). We also thoroughly cleaned.

Glenn worked on installing the radiator that we just picked up from the sandblaster. (he also handled the priming and painting of the radiator). Unfortunately, we were missing some parts, so will go back on Saturday to do the actual install.

Finally, we successfully got rid or moved the variety of stuff temporarily living in the rental-including a bed and entertainment center. I had posted the entertainment center on craigslist, received loads of interest, but never got anyone to actually pick it up. You can imagine on Saturday night the stress I had with this, when I had an e-mail from a person interested. She came over right away on Sunday morning, thanking us profusely (when we were so appreciative that not only did she show up to get the entertainment center, but she also was here before 10, making our finishing tasks MUCH easier). For the bed, we asked the tenants would they be interested, and they were. We just left it in the room underneath our bedroom. (a good anchoring scheme).

It feels so good to have the vast majority of our "to'do's in the rental done. That means, we can migrate over to some of our other house projects (which have sorely been lacking this year! Sprained ankles and bouts of food poisoning leading to an ER visit do not help move projects along!

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