Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rental Rollercoaster

This weekend created a lot of rental intrigue, with many clamoring for our place. Saturday, we had 2 scheduled showings, one at 1:30, and one at 2. (I did let the 2 o'clock one know about the 1:30 scheduling).

Glenn and I started the day in our garden doing a few projects. (that will come in another post). We are both in our work clothes, getting rather grimy in the process, when three women stop by around 11 a.m. They explain that they are the 1:30, and might they just take a look now.

So, despite my grimy self, I showed them around. They all fell in love with our place. They wanted the rental term to begin August 1, but said they'd take it July 1 if that meant they can have it. (music to a landlord's ears). I was pretty sure they'd put in an application, but we've heard similar wonderful things and we never got an application turned in.

I head out back to the garden, accomplishing a whole bunch (along with Glenn). I head inside at 1:45 p.m. and have a message from the woman who stopped by before, and she wanted to drop off the application! As she's handing the application in, it starts to rain and I invite them inside.

As they are looking around, the doorbell rings, and it's the 2 p.m. appointment! I explain we just got an application, and show the 2 p.m. around. (all and all, very awkward with the applicant standing there!) A pretty productive Saturday all around.

Today, the rental clamoring continued. We hosted Father's Day, with Glenn's parents, sister, brother in law, niece and nephews. At some point, my nephew tossed a frisbee by accident over the fence into our neighbor's yard. I head out to ask the neighbors for the frisbee, and a couple come up to me, very excited that our place is up for rent. (the sign is in the window)I explain that we have this application, but let them see the apartment. (did I mention that I was in the middle of hosting dinner for 9?). I do a cursory showing, and they really want the place. They have been looking to move for a while, and haven't found anything. They ask for an application.

Then, we are sitting down for dessert, and the phone rings. Another apartment inquiry. Phew. I'm thinking I might need to take down that sign.

We are still missing for some information on the application we received, so it's not a done deal. It's nice to feel like our apartment is a hot commodity, as we think it's a pretty special place ourselves. Fingers crossed that the application review goes well, and we have dream tenants...



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