Monday, June 18, 2007

Garden Progress

We've started on one of my "summer 2007 to-dos") (which actually was a summer 2006 to-do, but this time around, it is getting done.). Our front yard has been a sort of jekyl and hyde-one side, lush, flowers, welcoming. The other side, a mismatch of plants, or nothing but a welcome mat for weeds.

The reason why nothing was done was because Glenn and I couldn't decide on what to do. (a typical occurence with couples). I had my ideas-Glenn had his ideas, and we needed to find some common ground.

Here's an overview of what this portion of the yard has gone through:

This year-success! We got a great deal on this Japanese Maple, and planted it Saturday.
We also switched out our old mulch for cocoa bean shell mulch. I like the dark brown color as a background to the plants. Of course, the bonus is the nice chocolate smell we get, particulary after a little rain.

Apparently, the smell attracts some critters. We kept the mulch bags out a few nights until we could change the old stuff out. The first morning one of the bags was sporting a big hole. I think some nightcritter wanted a little nibble.

Next up, some boxwoods. There's room for more plants, but we need to still figure that out. (any plantings will be going on top of a big bulb garden in the spring)

For good measure, here's the latest garden photos, taken from our front porch:

And our containers:

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Anonymous Sharon Mathieu said...

Hello! We are about to put in a big front yard garden ourselves. Rich got a chainsaw to take out our juniper trunk (three chains later)and I have to mark the tulips for the landscaping fabric. I'm partial to the black mulch (really a dark brown). I love boxwoods too, but will probably keep the garden cottage casual with a mix with colors and textures. We're still working on last year's list too. Augh! Sharon

June 28, 2007 6:18 AM  

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