Friday, February 09, 2007

Do you ever feel like your house is rebelling?

This has just been quite the week at This Old Chicago 2 Flat. So much is going on here, that it's just stuff that you hold back from the average person. Maybe one of the things could be mentioned, but I don't think that the average person would believe that all this would happen in one week.

First, we have the pipe freezing issue. Which, whenever the pipes freeze, it reminds us of our less than stellar plumber (reminder, trust your gut!). It also prompts conversations such as "You know what I want to do this weekend?" (I'm thinking Auto show, chocolate fest, sleeping in, taping the rental ceiling, you know, the usual) But, I just answer "What?" "I feel like repiping both kitchens."

Now, the second issue, that absent all the other stuff might grasp our attention, is the randomly leaking wall. Before we can really deal with that though, we need to move our bedroom to another room in the house so we can demo part of the wall. In the interim, it's just peel off the paint around anywhere we see moisture. Since it only happened when it got ridiculously cold, I'm hoping that the leakage will subside. (I think it will remain positive temperature wise the next couple days!). But, we have no idea what is causing the leakage, nor how to fix it.

Then, the third issue is electrical. Of course, the freezing pipes and the random leaking was not enough, but now, circuits are tripping, and we have no idea why. We run our microwave, and the circuit trips. This is new wiring. It's just really odd. Something we need to look at.

So, to me, that sounds like rebellion.



Blogger mike & rachel said...

If wiring is new and no problems until recently... good possibly of a bad breaker.

February 10, 2007 6:59 AM  

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