Friday, January 12, 2007

Where we stand

We're still ticking around but our free time has largely surrounded getting a new computer for me (after the laptop screen died) and a new camera (after my father-in-law dropped ours in a bioluminescent lagoon in Puerto Rico). I'm happy to report that our new desktop arrived last night and once we transfer the info from my sick laptop to the new one, we'll be back in computing business at home. My laptop is a relative antique in computing terms (circa 2001) so it will be a transition to a brand spanking new one. The first big decision after arriving is what on earth to name the thing. I didn't know you had to do that these days.

Now, the camera pursuit has been a whole other matter. We just tried to replace our nikon and ordered sight unseen promptly upon our return. (we need photos!) This week, the camera arrived and shocked us by not including a view finder. We didn't realize that we had to request this. Our last camera was only a year old, and it had a view finder. How are you supposed to take pictures on a sunny day without a view finder? So, back the camera went, and on to the next one-a Canon, which we are anxiously awaiting.

Once all the technology is set, we will move on to making some repairs in the rental and getting that back on the market. Both an exciting and nervewracking juncture. We'll be excited to get the rent, but less excited in sharing our house.

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