Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Some projects are just so much more fullfilling...

There's so much work on the house that only gets noticed if you don't do it. ie. taping walls, prepping walls for paint, sanding, putting final paint coats or extra poly on are just some of those that come to mind as the "extremely necessary, but unfilling".

I've got to say, probably my absolutely favorite project in the house is putting color on the walls. It's relatively quick and then boom! instant change! I just painted our apartment door red. It matches the hallway color, the other side would be white. My short list of items to do is touching up the paint in preparation for radiator entry-but that's not as much fun. Necessary. Yes, it will look better when it's done, but it's not a project that excites me- so that's why I painted the door red. I even did it while it was still hanging! (usually we put doors on sawhorses, but I was determined.

Other more fullfilling projects include planting things in the yard (wow! what a difference) and putting up molding. (of course, Glenn is doing that so I get to watch the work, but boy, what a difference it makes just sticking a piece of molding up. the filling, caulking, sanding and final paint coat does make things look better-but it's not the big boom of sticking the molding up.

It's great to be in the stage we are now where the "boom" factors are greater then the never ending chores. (though we still have some of those up our sleeves).

As we get closer to the time to open our boxes of belongings (many of which have been in place since 2003) it gets more exciting. A flurry of activity when you can see the finish line. (though if I look at my to do list or show it to anyone, without showing the before photos reaching that finish line might not seem as close as it does to us)

Oh, and our favorite question "So when do you think you'll be done?" The answer, as any rehabber or homeowner will attest "what's done?"

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