Monday, September 25, 2006

Two steps forward, a big step back

Yet again, outside forces have prompted a step back. In our effort to get the radiators done before the fast approaching winter, both Glenn and I worked all day today on the house. I handled the task of sandblasting one of the radiators, and did that pretty much all day. (15 minutes on, 15 minutes off) Glenn worked on molding, cutting it in bursts, and using the air compressor at various points to nail it in.

At 4:20, I took a brief break, went inside to grab Glenn to figure out the last bit of sandblasting (running out of sand), before we prime tonight. He was on the phone, so I waited a few minutes. In the interim someone came INTO our house, unplugged the compressor, and walked off with it!! So, now Glenn has to go get his 3rd compressor.

Of course, the violation of someone coming into your home to steal something is bad, the loss of money (that definitely could be spent on a number of different areas), also is bad, but considering I was going to finish with the compressor in 15 minutes, and be done with a little segment of a project, and that Glenn may have installed molding tonight is even more upsetting.

At this juncture, I'm not in the picture taking mood-and I think I'm not supposed to go in the area as we wait for the evidence guy to come, but I'll share photos soon and be back to the "look how far we have come" mode. But for now, it's a brief bit of the wind being knocked out of me.

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