Thursday, September 21, 2006

Practice makes perfect, except for me

At this juncture in our project, you would think I've thoroughly refined my home renovation skills-particularly the ones that I do over, and over and over again. Like, painting. Well, after an evening of painting, I've determined I'm just as bad as I was when I started the project.

Way back when in the fall of 2003 I used the first color in the house. A vibrant blue color in the kitchen.(of course, this was prompted by I think our living room ceiling coming down, so I painted some color as a little pick me up, a step back, need to step forward, right?) Anyway, I digress. During this little paint job, I stepped in the paint tray. The dark vibrant blue paint tray. (to come to my defense, the kitchen was very crowded with furniture and boxes and I was trying to avoid all these things-which I did, but stepping in paint trays I think would get me kicked out of Painting 101.

So, yesterday, many walls, paint cans, and brushes later, I did the final coat in our living room. In the process, I got paint on the ceiling, had paint drippings and stepped on a trim paint pad. (avoided the tray this time-so I guess I did learn something). Of course, I also errantly tossed the trim paint pad onto the ground. (thankfully, it landed on the well tarped area).

I guess the good thing is none of this happened when I had to touch up our red bedroom paint or paint the molding in there. (I taped VERY well).

Alas, painting is not my calling, but the job is done.

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